find joy with local food

Find joy with local food

After work, this local business owner actually finds joy in the kitchen

By Sherri B, Veggie Fairy & Area Manager

It’s a joyful story that starts with vintage aprons…

So, I heard that one of our Seasonal Roots members collects vintage aprons. I couldn’t wait to see for myself on the next delivery day. Little did I know it would lead me to a new discovery about how to find joy with local food.

When delivery day rolled around this week, Richmond business owner Melissa Barlow of Your Joyful Space was sporting one of her aprons. She was busy cooking up some joy when I delivered her Family Basket at the wellness co-working site, Balance RVA.

While I was there, I got to ask Melissa about her unique collection.

find joy with local food

Why aprons?

Melissa explains, “Everyday at my business, Your Joyful Space, I am committed to helping my clients find the joy in their homes and businesses. We do it by sorting and creating a space that works for them.

“After work, I focus on my own home. And cooking in my kitchen is a big part of expressing joy for me. When I get in my kitchen with fresh ingredients to cook a meal for my daughter, I put on one of my vintage aprons.

“It makes me feel strengthened by all the women that wore it before me. It also helps me enjoy my time in my kitchen and adds comfort to the end of my day.”

Why find joy with local food?

According to Melissa, “I cook with Seasonal Roots produce because it’s fresh and food tastes better when it’s fresh.

“As a local business owner myself, weekly deliveries make sure my fridge is stocked. That way I’m ready to throw on an apron and put a quick, healthy meal together.

“This week, I kept dinner simple by roasting leeks, white sweet potatoes, and beets together and added chicken.”

find joy with local food

A happy ending

If you’re cooking for kids, too, like Melissa, check out 7 ways to help kids eat veggies & fruits here on the Veggie Fairy Blog.

The way Melissa uses local food and vintage aprons to find joy really brightened my day. How do you use local food to find joy?


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