Thank You Tips – Customer Announcement

Beginning the week of February 7th, we will have an added feature to the CIGO delivery notifications sent via text. In the final text alert after delivery, you will have the option to add a tip that will go to your Market Manager. This is a completely optional feature within the delivery notification system and not tied to your credit card in your Seasonal Roots account. The tips are anonymous in the system.

On weeks you place an order, you’ll receive three delivery update texts:

Text 1: “Track your Order from Seasonal Roots”
This text is sent the day before your delivery and includes a link that allows you to conveniently track your order on delivery day.

Text 2: “On the Way”
On delivery day, this text will let you know when your address is the next stop in your Market Manager’s route.

Text 3: “Review Your Order and/or Leave a Tip”
**Updated with Optional Tip Function**
This text will confirm that your order is on your doorstep or in your cooler and ready to bring in and enjoy. You’ll also receive the opportunity to provide feedback on your experience and/or leave a tip for your Market Manager. Please note that because this delivery notification system is separate from your Seasonal Roots account, it does not have your credit card information stored. You’ll need to sign in to leave your tip.

We hope that these notifications and the tipping feature are an added convenience.

Please note, the CIGO text notifications you will receive are automatically sent from an unmonitored account. As such, please do not reply directly to the text as it will not be received. Instead, email your Market Manager directly.

If you have any questions about the new tipping feature please reach out to our team at and we would be happy to assist.

Don’t want to receive the delivery notification texts? No problem! You can opt out by following these steps:

1. Log in to your Seasonal Roots account.
2. Hover over the purple gear icon in the top right hand corner of the page, and click on “Account”.
3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and uncheck the box next to “Send me texts with updates about my Seasonal Roots order”.
4. Click the green box that says “Save Changes”.

Note: You can always update your account settings if you do want to receive text notifications.