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Winter Chopped Salad

We often think about refreshing green salads in the spring and summer, but winter is a great time to savor a hearty salad. Especially in January 2022…we can all benefit from a little extra vitamins and minerals. If you’re looking for an easy way to enjoy the veggies from your basket, try making a savory […]

Seasonal Roots CBS6 Cooking Segment – Taco Tuesday

Karla Robinson was on CBS6 in Richmond on Monday, January 10th. She had help in the kitchen from CBS6’s Bill Bevins and Jessica Noll preparing her healthy and delicious recipe for Spicy Tacos with Garlic Cilantro Lime Slaw. Click here to watch Karla’s TV appearance. Karla reminded us about the importance of eating seasonally to […]

Winter recipes starring local seasonal produce

A few recipes to enjoy in 2022! Winter recipes made with fresh local fruits and vegetables warm our stomachs and our hearts — at least the best ones do! We’ve all got our favorite recipes, the ones that brighten up the season. Here’s a collection of our veggie fairies’ yummiest winter-time faves…       […]

Seasonal Eating Guide: Winter Edition

Enjoy healthful, delicious local food all year round! Seasonal eating. It’s in our name. It’s who we are. And it means eating what grows locally each season of the year – all four of them. Spring, summer, fall, and yes, even winter. Right now in Virginia and Maryland it’s cold outside. Leaves have fallen and […]

Eating Healthy in 2022!

Try this easy New Year’s Resolution Eating healthy in 2022 is a resolution you can make any time of year, but New Years always creates some extra motivation after indulging over the holidays. Healthful seasonal eating is simpler than you think with fruit and vegetable boxes delivered to your doorstep. Here’s how to keep it […]

5 comfort foods for contemplation

What a year it’s been! Comfort foods and contemplation go great together. When the days are short and it’s cold outside, we crave the rich foods our bodies need. So you curl up with a steaming bowl of soup, or a savory casserole, or a piece of your favorite fruit. And you start to relax. […]

About Your Seasonal Roots Gift Certificate

Welcome and Congratulations. We’re excited to welcome you and to share the goodness of our local food community with you! You’ve received the gift of seasonal goodness! Your gift includes your first year of Seasonal Roots membership for free plus a $50 credit. You’re going to love: Fresh & local food that’s better for you […]

New Seasonal Roots Gift Certificate Bundle

$50 Credit Plus Membership! For the first time this year, we are offering a Seasonal Roots Gift Certificate bundle. Members can share the gift of seasonal goodness with friends and family. For just $50 total, this gift certificate bundle includes: a $50 credit for Seasonal Roots online farmers market purchases. plus a 1-year Seasonal Roots […]

Chef Nikk’s Live Cooking Event

Holiday Prep Cooking Demo Chef Nikk helped us dive in and get ready for the Thanksgiving holiday! We had so much fun cooking along with her and learned some helpful tips just in time for the holidays! Just a few highlights: Quiche creativity: Lots of discussion about how quiche can be adapted to create new […]

Thanksgiving Leftovers

The 2nd best thing about Turkey Day! The #1 best thing, of course, is PIE. But leftovers run a very close second! Turkey sandwiches, snacks of stuffing, pie for breakfast… Mm mmm, the days following Thanksgiving are leftover nirvana, pure and simple. Are you hosting this year’s family feast or Friendsgiving? If so, lucky you, […]