New jams & pickles will be jammin’ in the market!

Can you guess the hit songs these new jams and pickles are named for?

New jams can be edible or they can be dance-able but sometimes they can be both! (And sometimes they can be pickles, but more on that later!)

In the meantime, can you guess the hit songs these jams are named for? “Strawberry Zeal Forever”… “Bohemian Raspberry”… “I See Your Blue Colors”… Or how about this Veggie Fairy’s personal favorite: “Dude Looks Marmalady”.

new jam dude looks marmalady

Whatever your taste in music, these punny new jams are sure to start your tastebuds dancing, and so are the pickles and more. So this one goes out to the one local foodies love: Dayum this is my Jam!

Making delicious, whimsically named yummies is a labor of love for Andy, Chief Jamming Officer and creator of Dayum this is my Jam.

Andy of Dayum this is my Jam

It all goes back to the day when Andy’s BFF Lindsey shared an old family cookbook with handwritten recipes for jams and pickles. Andy, who uses the pronoun they, was looking for a creative outlet. And oh baby baby, did they find it in that cookbook! With Lindsey’s help, they dreamed up the idea of a business that would make mouth-watering jams and pickles with names that riffed on hit songs. And thus, a new jam sensation was born.

Dayum this is my Jam logo

Dayum this is my Jam has been rocking local farmers markets ever since. Andy’s groove includes jams, pickles, and salsas made from local ingredients. They’ve also drummed up waffle mix and even marinara sauce made from tomatoes grown in Hanover, Va. And they’re committed to supporting their fellow business owners from underrepresented communities.

Now they’re celebrating their 6-year Jamaversary! So put your hands together and give Andy a great big round of applause as we welcome them to the Seasonal Roots online farmers market!

We’re starting with these pickled chart-toppers: “Psycho Diller”… “The Sweetest Tang”… and “Blister on the Tongue”.

pickle trio

Look for them under the Artisan Goods tab in the Extras section this weekend!

You can also check out the Dayum is my Jam website and see how many more of those hit songs you recognize. Until next time, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!


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