love local leeks recipes & health benefits

How I learned to love leeks

Recipes & health benefits to help you love leeks at the farmers market!

By Duane, founder & Head Veggie Fairy

I love when the winter months come and we have fresh, local leeks in the kitchen. My first farm encounter with leeks was on a nice fall day. I was standing in a field out at Charlie Collins’ Victory Farms in Henrico. Charlie sold his produce at in-person farmers markets — by the way, many of those are closed this time of year, but he now sells through the Seasonal Roots online farmers market, too, which is open year-round.

Anyway, back before Victory Farms began selling through Seasonal Roots, I was out there in the field looking at a fifty-foot-long row of leeks. They were at the peak of ripeness and ready for harvest. But Charlie was about to till them all under. Why? He’d learned there was no point hauling them to market – no one wanted them. A tragedy!

Guess what, they’re good for you

They looked so beautiful and smelled so fresh out in the field that I was determined to learn about these gems. I soon discovered that they’re a close relative of the simple yellow onion – but better. A single leek (about a cup) contains just 54 calories. So it makes you feel full without fattening you up.

And leeks are loaded with vitamins! One whole leek gives you at least half the recommended daily dose of vitamins A and K, plus significant amounts of compounds that help protect your vision. Click here to get all the details on the health benefits.

Easy to cook, too

There are lots of ways to put leeks to work. The first recipe I remember making with leeks was a fish dish. I grilled flounder (any fresh fish will do) with a little salt, and caramelized freshly harvested leeks. That was all it took to make a meal that I will never forget – the taste was amazing! Now I use leeks in stews, soups, omelets, and more.

We’ve pulled together a variety of leek recipes right here on Pinterest to help you give them a try. There’s something for everyone, including two potato-and-leek soup options, with and without the cream. Enjoy!


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