Which basket size is right for you?

Everything you need to know to choose the perfect basket of local food

By the Veggie Fairy Team

How can you make sure you get the basket of local food that’s best for you each week? You’ve got three options — keep your default basket as is, customize your basket, or skip your order for the week. Whichever way you go, just make sure you do it by 11:59 pm Sunday night.

So here are your options:

1. Do nothing and keep your default basket

If you do not make any changes to customize your basket, then you will receive your default basket as is, filled with the yummy items listed in the email you receive every Friday.

2. Customize your basket

You can swap as many basket items as you’d like, most at no additional charge.

FYI, some basket items may only be available in certain basket sizes due to limited quantities. So feel free to check out the other sizes, see what’s on offer, and switch to a different size basket if you want.

In addition to swapping basket items and changing your basket size, you can also buy additional items from the ‘Extras’ section. Extras include meat, dairy, baked goods, condiments, and more.

By the way, if you want to change your default basket for good (or until you decide to change it again), click on the drop-down menu in your account and go to the Delivery Preferences section. You can do this any time. But to make sure the change is in the system before the market opens, do it well ahead of time.

3. Skip your order

You can also skip your order on any given week. When the market opens, just click on “Skip This Week,” and watch for a confirmation email that your order has been skipped. If you don’t get that email, log in again and make sure it really is set to skip.

If you know you’d like to skip farther ahead of time, sign in to your account and hover over the gear icon in the upper right corner. Click on “Delivery Preferences” and follow the instructions. Then be sure to click “Save” and watch for that confirmation email!


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