The Farm at Windy Meadow

This week’s ground beef is courtesy of The Farm at Windy Meadow. Located in Powhatan Virginia, Jeanna and her husband Cal have developed their diversified operations within a compact 11.5 acres.  The farm is home to a few cows and horses as well as about 50 chickens. Last season, Windy Meadow’s fresh eggs and some of their hot peppers made it on our menu, and we’re excited to have their latest addition to our online farmers market.
Jeanna and Cal weren’t raised on farms, but both of their grandparents were farmers, and it’s clear that the passion for the craft is in their blood. The pair abandoned their suburban lifestyle in favor of the farm-life, and now there is no turning back. Luckily in Powhatan and the surrounding counties, there is a strong farming community, so Jeanna and Cal have been able to learn the art of farming from local folks who have been doing it for years.  Jeanna makes an effort to model their operations after the generations who preceded them. These “old-school” farmers take better care, slow-down, and refuse to condone waste.  This philosophy shines through the farm’s daily operations. For example, in the chicken pasture, there is both an orchard and a compost pile, all of which the chickens help to process.  This ensures that any apple that falls off a tree too soon is happily gobbled up and not wasted. The pair takes pride is taking incredible care of the animals they raise. When we spoke to Jeanna, she said that they see all of their animals at least three times a day, and they get touched and showed kindness each and every day. Even though Jeanna says they have a self-imposed curfew for when they have to be home (they have chickens to coop!), it’s a really great life to live.
Jeanna loves growing her own food, and luckily for her she has always had a green thumb. Now that they have the land to be self-sustaining, most of what they eat is grown right in their own backyard.  Jeanna cans, preserves, and dehydrates so that they can avoid waste and enjoy their food year-round. This season, Jeanna is preparing to grow Thai Chocolate Chilis for Seasonal Roots, stay tuned to reap the benefits of her green thumb!