Can’t I Buy the Same Food for Less at the Grocery Store?

The short answer is no. Of course you can buy produce at the large grocery stores but the value of what you are receiving is not comparable. In fact, you cannot find the same quality, or even the same variety, of food that we deliver in any grocery store. Seasonal Roots is an online farmers market, which means that we bring you the same local food that you’d find on a Saturday stroll between the booths of various farmers and vendors, without you ever having to leave your house.  Sustainably grown and delivered fresh with a tiny carbon footprint makes our food different, and if we do say so ourselves – better.

We design the contents of the three baskets based on what our farmers and vendors have in season, in an effort to offer a consistent outlet for the crops they are harvesting in a given week.  We understand that you may not fancy every seasonal item in each basket, so we’ve expanded our list of “swaps” so that you can customize your basket to your heart’s content. Then, our ever-growing list of extras usually consists of items that our farmers have less of.  Our extras are intended to be a “bonus” to be added to your basket, and as such we offer them at quite the bargain. For example, our local eggs?  Just $5 for a dozen pasture raised eggs is better than you can find in any store! Plus, they’re delivered to your doorstep.  Or how about one of our kale or collard greens bunches?  They’re huge, and for just a few extra dollars you’ve got the makings for kale-chips or savory-collards galore.  When it comes to the value that Seasonal Roots delivers, the quality of the food we send you is of utmost importance.  In our opinion, the fresher the better.  You can taste the difference.