How Fresh is My Basket?

As some of our observant Members have noted, we dropped the “48 hours” component of our Dirt to Doorstep tagline when we released our new Seasonal Roots brand this season. Have no fear though, we haven’t dropped our commitment to delivering you local food, fresh out of the ground.
Much of our produce continues to be delivered just 48 hours after harvesting.  Our farmers harvest their crops on Monday afternoons and Tuesday mornings and deliver it to our packing facility on Tuesday afternoons.  Then, we pack our Members customized orders and send them out on Wednesday and Thursday mornings.  We pride ourselves on freshness, and we know that our Members can taste the difference.  The produce our Members receive has more nutrients, a smaller carbon footprint, and better taste than what you can find in grocery stores. That being said, some produce simply can’t be delivered to you that quickly.  For example, sweet potatoes have to be “cured” for a couple of weeks before we can send them out.  They’re still local of course, but they wouldn’t taste very good after just 48 hours.  Store bought sweet potatoes can sit on shelves for months before they reach you.  We turn them around much quicker than that (proof of which be seen when their sweet juices burst out of the skins when they’re baked.)  But, 48 hours just isn’t possible or accurate!
This season we changed a lot of things about our company, our name (now Seasonal Roots), and logo (it’s much more modern), and our processes (you can customize for free!).  We haven’t changed in a lot of ways though.  We’re still the same local team based in and around Richmond, VA.  We’re still committed to supporting local farmers and artisans, year-round. We still offer free delivery. And of course, we still deliver local and fresh food to your doorstep, and yes, it’s usually only been out of the ground 48 hours!