It’s National Work from Home Week

Work companions.

National Work from Home week is the second week in October and we all know how teleworking has grown over the course of the pandemic.

Of course, not every role allows for work from home — essential workers don’t have that option and have been working tirelessly, endlessly to help us all. Whether it is essential workers who are first responders, healthcare professionals, farmers, even the Seasonal Roots team, etc. we are so grateful.

While it’s been a complicated time for everyone, we’d like to take a walk on the lighter and furrier side of working from home.

23 million Americans brought new furry creatures into their home during the pandemic according to the ASPCA.  The Seasonal Roots team is in good company and has also added new adoptions to their mix of oldies-but-goodies working by their side (or on their laps).

One of the perks of working from home is more time with our furry friends. We thought we would share some pics of our extended team or “helpers”.

Karla’s friends Cookie, Goldie and Clancy enthusiastically support her in all of her work and certainly drive greater productivity.

Leslie’s friend Toby is a bit of a trouble maker, but when he is not eating the house, he does take some time to relax, stretch and unwind. He really needs a reboot, but the family seems to want to let him be.

Isabella’s Charlie is a serious-minded companion who sometimes corners her and questions her work. Considerable in-home therapy has been considered, but deemed too expensive.

Sam’s friend Maggie is a bit of a stalker, but he tries to overlook that reality. No really, she is a creeper and a stalker, but look how cute she is…

Landis’s friend Annie is a rather chill companion (and yet super aware of her greatness). She doesn’t let work get her stressed out. She is aware and comfortable with the fact that she rules the world.

By the way, the fact that we have all given our pets human names doesn’t mean anything. They don’t rule our houses in any way. We have many more pets within our family of Market Managers and members. We would love to feature them all, but thought it would be more reasonable to limit to just a few.

Perhaps in a future post, we can shine a spotlight on our human companions that also “help” us with our work. But that is another story entirely.

Spreading joy to our community and all of the many forms that takes – means everything to us. Love to all.


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