sam 2This year, do like the Pilgrims and make your Thanksgiving fresh and local! For Thanksgiving week, our large baskets will set you up with almost everything you need. Sam, your Farm Connector guy, is working with local farmers to fill the baskets and researching recipes to make it easy for you. So each large basket will come with enough recipes and supplies to make 5 holiday sides for 4 to 5 people.

Gotta feed more than that? Easy: Order more large baskets. If you also exercise your “extras” option to stock up on pies, the only thing you’ll have to handle is your holiday protein of choice (turkey, ham, roast, tofurkey) – we’ll leave that part of the big feast up to you.

All Thanksgiving week deliveries will be made on Wednesday November 23. That includes members who live in the Hampton Roads and Richmond areas. Even though you normally get your delivery on Thursday, you’ll get it the day before Thanksgiving on Wednesday. That way, no matter where you live, every member will get your baskets in time to prepare for the holiday.

So go ahead and check “sides & desserts” off your to-do list. Plan on placing your order for one or more large baskets a week and a half from now and look forward to enjoying the holiday!