“But, I wanted to use that lettuce next week…”

Our produce is about as fresh as you can get your hands on (short of growing it yourself.) Why then, doesn’t it store well for weeks in the fridge?  When you’re comparing shelf life to what you purchase in the grocery store, there are some things to consider.

First, much of the produce that is available in the grocery store has been bred with the purpose of having a long shelf life and being resistant to pests. That means what you see on grocery store shelves is designed to last for a while (at the expense of flavor and taste.) Our farmers on the other hand prefer to grow varieties of crops that taste good! They focus on the delicious flavor and high quality of the food they grow, rather than how long it can sit on a shelf and wait to be purchased.

In addition, many grocery stores keep food in storage for weeks with the help of anti-fungal sprays that help preserve the food and keep it from spoiling. Since our farmers rarely spray crops in the field, they definitely don’t spray them once they’re harvested. As a result, sometimes our potatoes sprout (grocery store potatoes are sprayed with a substance that keeps them from sprouting, even though they’re most likely significantly older than our potatoes).

What this all means is that our produce spoils at a natural rate. Usually, we recommend that folks be strategic with their weekly orders. If you plan to use more perishable items (leafy greens, beans, berries) immediately after delivery, and save hardier produce for last, you should be able to enjoy it all before your next delivery.