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Eat Better Live Better / Jan 25-26

RECIPES, FOOD TIPS, AND MORE! First up — this is why we’re the best farmers market in Virginia: 7 WAYS OUR LOCAL FOOD WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE Seven ways to eat better live better! 1. Convenient home delivery = a total time saver! All those perishables that have to be restocked the most often? We […]

The Secret to Meal Planning: Part 5 “Make it work!”

By Shanna Demers, neighborhood market manager: About 10 months ago, I decided to give meal planning one more shot, determined to MAKE it work. I can happily say, it’s here to stay! I’m rarely stressing at 4:30 about what we’re having for dinner, I have reduced our food waste, and we’re saving money! Meal planning […]


TROPICAL FRUIT IN VIRGINIA?!! — Tropical fruits are an important part of a healthy diet, as pirates and other seafarers discovered when they got scurvy! But citrus doesn’t grow in Virginia. So as part of our commitment to eat food from the closest farms possible, we’re partnering with V&B Farms in Florida. Coming from nearby […]

The Secret to Meal Planning: Part 4 “Teamwork”

By Shanna Demers, neighborhood market manager: Teamwork makes the dream work! Five words that never fail to bring my family smiles and remind us that we are in this together. But if teamwork is so important to our family, why was meal planning and cooking ALL on me?! Involving my family in the planning process […]

THE DIRT for Dec 21-22

YOU DID IT: FARM FUNDRAISER TOPS $1,000!!! — Last January, one of our farm families in Varina, Va., suffered a deva-stating loss: Their large greenhouse collapsed in a storm of wind, snow, and ice. Charlie and Gina Collins, who own Victory Farms, were hoping to rebuild. But as this winter approached, they still hadn’t been […]

The Secret to Meal Planning: Part 3 “Know Your Schedule”

By Shanna Demers, neighborhood market manager: So how did shopping at home go over last week?! Digging through your freezer can be intimidating but hopefully diving in resulted in some inspiration to cook forgotten items and saved you some money at the grocery store! By the way, if you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking […]

THE DIRT for Dec 14-15

YOUR WEEKLY SUPPLY OF THE BEST MILK STARTS HERE — We knew we’d found the right dairy partner when we found Trickling Springs Creamery. It was started in 2001 by two friends who wanted to create fresh, great-tasting dairy products while promoting local farmers doing an excellent job with their farms – just like Seasonal […]

THE DIRT for DEC 7-8

TIRED OF THROWING AWAY UNEATEN VEGGIES? — So, do your fresh, local fruits and vegetables sometimes sit around for so long they wind up looking like this? As you throw them away, do you feel like you’re throwing away your money? Our Seasonal Roots Veggie Fairies (a.k.a. everyone who brings you your fresh, local produce) […]