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What Size Basket Should I Order?

Based on customer feedback, this season we created 3 basket sizes – small, medium, and large, to better suit the needs of households of varying sizes! We can describe to you all day long how many items are in each basket size, but it helps to simply show you. For our deliveries on June 1 […]

Root to Stem, Root to Stalk: Getting the Most Out of Your Produce

Are you getting the most out of your produce each week? Did you know that the leaves, greens, stems, and stalks of many of the vegetables that we tend to throw away are edible and often contain even more beneficial nutrients than their other, more popular, half? Before you toss out the beet greens, carrot tops, and broccoli stalks […]

How Much Rain is Too Much Rain?

If you’ve spent any time in Virginia the past month, you know that sunny days have been few and far between. Some of our farmers received between 8 – 11 inches of rainfall in May alone. We know… you would think that rain would be good for crops. But, this much rain has been too much. The […]

Is it [insert your favorite fruit or veggie] season yet?!

In Virginia, we’re really lucky because of the span of seasons we experience each year. A lot of other regions don’t get the same range of temperatures annually. As a result, we also have access to a wide variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables, within just 150 miles! With each passing season, comes a new slate […]

A Salad Worth Celebrating

I love salads, especially during the spring and summer months when fresh ingredients are plentiful and I find myself craving a lighter, more simplistic, fare. I’m also a big fan of healthy dishes that require little prep time, yet they still dress to impress. Bring on those last-minute cookouts and warm weather festivities! Healthy + […]

The Market is Closed?!

You: What?! My Market isn’t open! But, I want to check out all the local options! Us: We hear you! We get as excited as you do to shop the weekly market. You: So, what gives? Here’s the deal…Our market changes each week based on what our farmers and artisans are harvesting, raising and baking at any given time. […]

Strawberry Season – A Taste Of Early Summer

It’s Strawberry Season, one of my favorite times of the year.  Some of my fondest summertime memories involve freshly picked strawberries and my Grandmother. Every summer, Grandma and I would go pick strawberries together at a local berry farm. Afterwards, she would take the berries home and make all sorts of delicious strawberry-inspired goodies for our […]

Garlic Scapes: A Happy Side-Effect

Anyone else get as excited as I do on delivery day? Thursdays are starting to feel a lot like Christmas morning, whether I customize my basket or not. I just can’t wait to dive into my Seasonal Roots box and see all of the fresh goodies that are waiting for me. Last week’s basket was […]

Farmstead Ferments

We’re so excited to continually expand our market to include some of the best locally crafted artisan products we’ve tasted. In the case of Farmstead Ferments (FF), based in Charlottesville, it was love at first taste. Fermenting foods is one of the oldest methods of food preservation and is still quite pervasive in other cultures […]

MTO Kombucha

Kombucha, pronounced (kawm-boo-chah), has gained popularity recently, but people have been reaping the benefits of the fermented tea for nearly 2,000 years! MTO Kombucha (MTOK) was founded by Ralph Crafts, who home-brewed kombucha because of the health benefits. He was so impressed by the improvement in the health of his wife, friends, and neighbors, that […]