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Eat Seasonally

It’s only been a relatively recent development that people have had access to any piece of produce at any time of year. Grocery stores have spoiled us into thinking that blueberries and peaches are available in the winter, when in fact in our area they’re naturally in season in the summer. In fact, most of […]

My Box Seems a Bit Expensive

We hear you, feeding a family on a budget isn’t easy.  Even harder?  Feeding a family healthful and local food on a budget.  We won’t pretend that we can beat the prices of places like Kroger or Martin’s, but that truly isn’t comparing apples and apples.  Big grocery store chains bring in their food from […]

Variety is the Spice of Life

We’re an online farmers market, but because we’re online we have some advantages over in-person farmers markets.  First, we partner with around 40 local farms who last season alone provided us with 480 different items.  Many of our farmers have begun to grow exclusively for Seasonal Roots, which means they’ve been able to diversify their […]

Are We Certified Organic?

We get the question pretty much daily, “So are your farms Certified Organic?”  It’s a hard question to answer briefly because there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes in U.S. Agriculture, and there are also a lot of misconceptions about Organic Produce.  In short, we do not require that our local farms […]

Packing YOUR Basket

Here at Seasonal Roots, our week starts on Friday when we send our members their basket options for the following week.  Over the weekend, our members mull over their options, placing their order by Sunday night.  Then, on Monday, we take their orders to our 40 farmers and artisans to make sure that they harvest […]

Love Ugly Food

Haven’t you heard not to judge a book by its cover?  Or perhaps, that beauty is only skin deep?  Unfortunately, these lessons haven’t quite reached our grocery stores.  Much of the produce harvested from farms across the U.S., is deemed too “ugly” for consumers to purchase.  For example, according to an article published by NPR, […]

Saddle Ridge Farm

You know the pasture raised eggs that are in such high demand recently as a weekly “extra” option?  We’ve hit the jack pot by partnering with Culpeper’s Saddle Ridge Farm – home to 60 cows, 80 hogs, 350 laying hens and many broiler chickens – all of whom freely range the farm’s 115 acres of […]