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A Second Chance: Baked Eggplant, Tomato, and Parmesan

Since becoming a Seasonal Roots member, I have come to appreciate all of the benefits that go along with our weekly basket of produce and local goodies. Not only does our family have access to fresh, local food on a weekly basis, but we are able to customize our basket through their online ordering options, […]

Seasonal Produce Tips for Storing & Sprucing

Apples – store on the counter and wash before use. Beans – store in a plastic bag in the crisper drawer until ready to use. Berries – these fruits are quite perishable when ripe, store whole in the fridge. Beets & Carrots – these hardy roots last longer if you remove their greens before storing. Don’t toss the greens […]

The Taste is EGGS-quisite 

Eggs are making a comeback. They’re a relatively inexpensive, delicious, and readily available source of protein. But, truly pasture raised eggs aren’t always easy to get your hands on. Luckily, we have access to the eggs from some of the happiest pasture raised flocks of laying hens in Virginia. Thanks to Saddle Ridge Farm, Keenbell […]

Release the Ladybugs!

Have you been missing the hydroponic bibb and romaine lettuces the past couple of weeks? We know the feeling! For those of you who ordered hydroponic romaine a few weeks ago, you also might have received some aphids who were along for the ride. While aphids are essentially harmless, and easily rinsed off with water, […]

New Market Plantation

One of our new partners this year is also one of our largest! Newmarket Plantation has 540 acres of fertile farmland in Milford, Virginia. The original plantation house was built in the 1750s, and many of the original structures still stand today (albeit with the help of a bit of necessary TLC). The farm has […]

Watermelon, Blueberry, Mint Salad

I hope that everyone had a safe weekend and enjoyed celebrating the Fourth of July.  Our festivities included some quality time with the family, and little rest and relaxation, and of course, plenty of delicious food! In fact, this past week’s Seasonal Roots basket was full of some of our summertime favorites and it was so […]

Collard Greens – A Southern Staple

Chances are, if you are from the South you have been around a pot or two of collard greens. I can still remember the smell of them cooking on my grandmother’s stove on Sunday afternoons. Fast forward many years later, I am standing in my own kitchen with a beautiful bunch of fresh collard greens […]

Tomāto, Tomăto: Either Way, A Healthy and Delicious Summertime Staple

Tomāto. Tomăto. No matter how you say it, there’s no denying that summer has arrived once vine-ripe tomatoes begin to grace your garden, local farmers’ markets, and your Seasonal Roots basket. I grew up in a family that was dedicated to summer gardening, so I learned to appreciate and love a homegrown red, ripe tomato […]

What’s Next, Purple Cows?

Industrialized agriculture in the U.S. focuses on high yield crops that last well on store shelves which is why you see pretty run of the mill crops at your average grocery store. But, as the consumer, you care about more than that! You want the best taste, lots of nutrients, and real food. That’s why we love supporting our […]