Eat Better Live Better / Feb 1-2

And why are ours so much better?

In 2009 Keith Farrish noticed that, while many things in life made him happy, few compared to driving his tractor. After 20 years in the buttoned-up business world, Keith and his wife Wendy started SADDLE RIDGE FARM.

It’s a small family farm near Culpeper, Va., where they raise chickens, pigs, and cows in open pasture. Their goal is to maintain and improve the mental and physical health of the families who eat what they raise. So they take care of their land and animals in a sustainable way that predates newer, “modern” farming practices…

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Join us and eat better live better!

Eat Better Live Better / Jan 25-26


First up — this is why we’re the best farmers market in Virginia:

Seven ways to eat better live better!

1. Convenient home delivery = a total time saver! All those perishables that have to be restocked the most often? We bring them right to your home or office. That equals fewer shopping trips.

2. Vetted farmers market fare = peace of mind. We know our family farmers, we know their produce and food items come from right here, and we know they rely on healthy, sustainable practices and treat their animals humanely. At a traditional market, you’re on your own, and it’s hard to know who to trust.

3. Guaranteed freshness = good taste and good health. We can guarantee it because everything is local or regional, harvested and delivered in a short period of time, and still packed with flavor and nutrients.

4. Dedicated customer service = more serenity, less aggravation. If there’s ever an issue, just email or call 757-351-4565 and we’ll make it right. Meanwhile, at other markets, there’s no one to help you between market days.

5. More variety = less boredom, a more balanced diet, and a healthier eco-system. Whew! This is a big one. We partner with dozens of small family farms and food artisans, all growing and making different things. Whether you customize your basket or opt for the default, you’ll experience 7 kinds of sweet potatoes, 4 kinds of kale – hey, have you ever tried creamline whole milk? The list goes on and on. And our farmers’ sustainable practices include growing a wide variety of crops. Much better for the soil and the local eco-system than monocropping.

6. Reliable staples = save your energy for the exotic stuff. Every week you can count on us for your fruit, veggies, bread, cheese, eggs, milk, meats, and other basics, all of them fresh!

7. A team that loves what they do = more joy for everyone! Studies show that happiness and good health are closely connected. Smiles are contagious, so we pass ‘em on!

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TROPICAL FRUIT IN VIRGINIA?!! — Tropical fruits are an important part of a healthy diet, as pirates and other seafarers discovered when they got scurvy! But citrus doesn’t grow in Virginia. So as part of our commitment to eat food from the closest farms possible, we’re partnering with V&B Farms in Florida. Coming from nearby in our region, V&B’s tropical produce will travel far less than produce from California or Central and South America. That means it’s fresher, riper, tastier, and still packed with nutrients. And it’s better for the environment, since less travel equals less pollution. The farmers behind V&B are Tommy Vick and Brandon Boyd, who have known each other since they were in diapers…

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Eat Better Live Better